Promoting positive change.


Recent News

The LA Challenge was recently recognized in the Daily Breeze for its educational benefits to students in need.



We’re embracing the “challenge” of promoting positive change in the lives of economically disadvantaged children by providing opportunities for achievement through high quality K-12 education.


The Los Angeles Challenge is a charitable organization with the goal of providing economically disadvantaged children equal opportunities to succeed. We provide the necessary financial means for each supported child to obtain a quality education by way of attending accredited private schools.


“If they want to break the glass ceiling, they have to break the cycle.”

Nancy kuria  |  Principal at saints Peters and Paul school


Our History

The Los Angeles Challenge (LAC) is a 501c(3) organization founded in 2002 by Greg Alessandra and Gordana Swanson. The nonprofit was built on the board members’ unified belief that the path to success is steered by education. In an effort to promote positive change in the lives of economically disadvantaged children, LAC provides funding and academic opportunities for deserving students to achieve success.

To date, LAC has granted over 100 scholarships for selected K-12 students to attend private schools. The program goes beyond writing checks for tuition, as it’s designed to involve the students’ parents to ensure comprehensive developmental progress. LAC also promotes supplemental aid by funding college prep courses and offering mentor support. It’s LAC’s hope that these students will experience the joys of learning as they each achieve long-term success.


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